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The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding

The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding


Blow Molding Services

The Process

Blowmolding is the process of heating plastic pellets and converting them with air into a hollow finished part.

To start with, a metal screw, #1, turns inside an enclosure called a barrel, #2. Resting on top of this is a material mixing device, #3, which drops plastic pellets (#4) into the screw, which is located inside the barrel, #5. Heat is added via heater bands, #6, which turns the hard plastic pellets into a soft pliable state.

The plastic is then pushed through the head of the machine, #8, and through the head tooling, #9 to form what is referred to as the parison #10.

The Process of Blow Molding

This parison is then captured by a set of water cooled molds and has air pressure introduced to force the parison to take the shape of the mold's cavity. Once cooled, the part is removed and trimmed.

Blowmolding offers:

• Low Tooling Cost
• Low Part Cost
• Lightweight, Strong Parts
• High Resistance to Corrosion
• Low to High Production Runs

Custom Blow Molding
Custom Blow Molding

Custom Parts? Large Parts? No problem

Poly-Flex can take your concept from the drawing board to production. With blow molding machines ranging from 5 to 75 pounds, we can process your vision.

• Short or long runs
• Engineered design assistance
• Decals and molded graphics
• Prototype molds
• Multi-cavity and multi-head production
• Color matching
• Assembly and pack out
• Robotics
• Secondary operations

While there are many blow-molding companies in the US and beyond, there are very few custom molders that have machines in the 20 to 75 pound class; Poly-flex has 13. Specializing in products that weigh 20 pounds and above is what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd.

With our unsurpassed collection of large part blow-molding machines, we have the ability to handle multiple large-scale projects at the same time.

Whether you have an existing product or are putting a new idea together, we can provide new processing methods that will ensure your product comes in on time, within budget, and performs far better than expected.

Only a handful of blow-molders in the world have the amount of larger press sizes located in our facilities. With three 75-pound presses, we can process all of your requirements at the same time - without the need to switch molds.

With machines strategically positioned to handle small, medium, and large part requirements, we have you covered.

• One 5-pound head
• Four 10-pound heads
• Four 20-pound heads
• Three 30-pound heads

• One 40-pound head
• Two 50-pound heads
• Three 75-pound heads

Our Value-Added Service Advantage

To be considered a complete partner, one must expect more from their supplier than just processing. Poly-Flex, Inc will not only supply you with high quality blow-molded products, we will complete the package with the latest technology, work, and distribution cells.

We offer warehousing of your pass-thru materials and will add them to final packout to complete your program soup-to-nuts.

• Customized secondary fixtures
• 6 axis Robotics
• Routing
• Custom Trimming
• Riveting
• Press fitting
• Final Assembly
• Pack Out

Our Blow Molding Value-Added Service Advantage

Our Blow Molding Value-Added Service Advantage

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