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The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding

The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding



Professional Part Design and Machining

Blow Molding Engineering

With well over 100 years of blow-molding experience, our design team can take your idea or concept from thought to reality. Working closely with our customers to identify all of their needs and desires, we can achieve a product that contains the superior strength and cost-effective results blow-molding offers. We can assist you with:

• Product Design
• Mold Design
• Research and Development
• Secondary Fixtures
• Point of Purchase Packaging and Pack Out

Blow Molding Engineering

Poly-Flex will work closely with you to construct the most cost and production-efficient blow-molds possible. Years of experience and the latest equipment help produce and maintain molds of the highest quality.

We specialize in mold designs that incorporate multiple cavities which produce dramatic cost savings.

• Product Design Consultation
• Mold Design Consultation
• Adaptation from Rotational to Cost-Effective Blow-Molding
• Prototypes
• Engineering Design Concepts
• Molded in Graphics
• Custom Secondary Trimming

Strong Patent and Trademark Portfolio

Poly-Flex holds a significant number of patents relating to a wide variety of products and covering the globe. Listed below are current and pending applications.

325,011 Molded Wheel
326,837 Molded Wheel
328,048 Molded Wheel
327,048 Blow-Molded Wheel
328,053 Blow-Molded Wheel
5,316,377 Composite Injection Blow-Molded Wheel/Method of Fabrication
5,368,371 Molded Wheel With Integral Axle Retainer
352,687 Blow-Molded Wheel
5,518,682 Method of Blow-Molding a Composite Wheel
6,170,920 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
6,435,762 Blow-Molded Barricade
6,520,597 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
2,334,230 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
248,507 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
6,464,305 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
6,913,324 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
6,866,893 Wheel With Interlocking Hub and Spacer
2,511,350 Blow-Molded Wheel With Axle Retainer
13/135,776 Traffic Delineator Barrel

The following are Registered Trademarks:

1,691,347 Wheel design
1,633,946 Poly-Flex Classic and Design

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