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The PolyFlex Wheel: an Industry Standard.

Poly-Flex produces a complete line of blow-molded wheels. Many of these wheel designs are protected by patents, including the Snap-on system and Ultra-capped wheels.

All wheels can be custom tailored to fit your specific requirements, and range from four to twelve-inch diameters in the Classic III and Sunburst designs.

All wheels come with our 10-year warranty.

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Size (in) Bore Size Snap On
4 1/2 No
6 1/2, 3/8 No
7 1/2, 3/8 No
8 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, .844 Yes
10 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, .844 Yes
12 5/8, 3/4, .844 Yes

The Snap-On System

Blow Molding Wheel Snap On

If you are tired of dealing with pail-nuts or cotter pins, the Poly-Flex Snap-On System may be just what you need. Put those hammers and pliers away for good with our Snap-on wheels. No tools required! Working with existing axle specifications, all that is needed is minor hand pressure to secure this patented system. The wheel stays on until you decide to remove it, with little effort. As with our Ultra-Cap design, the Snap-on system can be combined with any of our standard wheels.

The above designs, as with all Poly-Flex wheels, feature the following:

• Self-lubricating bores
• Variable bore lengths
• Durable, high molecular weight plastic
• Weight designed to match required performance
• Available with patented snap-on system
• 10 year warranty

Municipalities and private haulers alike want trash cart wheels that are simple to assemble, that stay on, and are easy to take off. Now, with the introduction of the Snap-On wheel in 1998, Poly-Flex has met that demand.

The Poly-Flex Snap-On™ (patent pending) self-locking wheel system brings our time-tested superior strength and makes an already outstanding wheel even better. Working with existing axle specifications, our patented system eliminates the need for pail nuts or any other form of wheel retention devices. No tools are required to mount this wheel. Minor hand pressure snaps the wheel securely to the axle, resulting in an assembly process that is faster, non-strenuous, and safer. Once on, the Snap-On wheel stays on until the user wants to take it off. Then the Snap-On wheel simple "snaps-off" with little effort - whenever and wherever a wheel replacement is desired.

Flexibility completes the package. The Poly-Flex Snap-On™ system can be incorporated into any of our wheel designs and all axle dimensions. This makes the Poly-Flex Snap-On™ system available for all trash carts.

(U.S. Patent 6,170,920, patents pending: U.S. Pat. App. S.N.-09/701,759 and U.S. Pat App. S.N.-09/757,448)

The Classic III

Poly-Flex, Inc. has always provided innovative responses to the needs of the trash cart industry. With our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality, we develop wheels that produce solutions to market demands.

At the core of our products is our traditional Classic III wheel. Long accepted for its attractive price, distinctive look, and durability, the Classic III has proven itself as a superior wheel in any application. Processed from the same plastic used to form automotive fuel cells, the Classic III provides the long lasting service that is demanded for trash cart use.

(Design incorporates elements of U.S Des. Patent 325,053, U.S. Des. Patent 327,048, U.S. Des. Patent 352,687 and U.S. Des. Patent 328,048)

Blow Molding Wheel

The Ultra-Cap

Blow Molding Wheel Ultracap

A significant enhancement to our blow-molded wheel is now available in the Poly-Flex ULTRA-CAP™. The Poly-Flex ULTRA-CAP™ (patent pending) treaded wheel responds to the trash cart industry's demand for a quieter wheel.

Users no longer have to compromise strength or functionality to enjoy a low noise to roll level. Utilizing a specially formulated form of plastic, the ULTRA-CAP™ tread provides a low rolling noise level that until now was provided only be rubber products.

Not just a pretty face, the ULTRA-CAP is designed to handle the worst of any workload due to the superior strength of the Poly-Flex blow-molded wheel. No longer will users suffer from the age old problems of tire de-mounting that occurs with other wheels in an automated trash removal system. With the ULTRA-CAP, you can truly have it all.

(U.S. Pat. 5,518,682 and U.S. Pat 5,316,377: other patents pending)

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