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The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding

The Leader in Industrial Plastic Blowmolding

Poly-Flex Inc

Blow Molding professionals for more than 45 years

Locally owned and operated in Walworth, Wisconsin since 1973, we are one of the world's largest blow molding manufacturers, specializing in large part blow molded products. Combining the most advanced technology in the industry, four decades of engineering and quality control experience, and one of the most complete selections of large and small part machines, we are the turnkey blow molding solution for some of the most demanding plastics projects in the world.

With our experience, commitment to quality, and value-added support, we will help you design, engineer, and produce products in any market.

Give us a call at 262-275-2156 or drop us an email () to find out how we can help you make a turn-key product, from concept all the way through final production.

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Professional Blow Molding Manufacturers
Professional Blow Molding Manufacturers

We Make the Best Blow Molded Wheel on the Planet

Our blowmolded wheels are 100% warrantied for 10 years, including our patented the Snap-on system and Ultra-capped wheels.

We can custom tailor any of our wheel designs to fit your specific requirements. Our designs scale from four to twelve-inch diameters.

Looking for a few extras? Our retail partner Kart-Man.com has you covered.

  All US-Made Machines, Ranging from 5 to 75 Pound

  Swift and Safe Mold Changes via Cranes

  Color and Fixture Capable

  In-House, On-Site Mold Design and Modification

  In-House Robotics and Special Features

  Multiple State-of-the-Art Facilities

Quality is the Foundation of PolyFlex's Culture

At Poly-Flex, we believe that quality needs to be built into every step of the blowmolding process. We continually improve the methods used to process your products by utilizing the latest technology.

Quality control is ingrained in our culture and every member of the team, involving everyone from the machine operators to shift supervisors. Your product goes through rigorous testing for appearance, structure, and weight so you and your customers receive the best possible product.

Our team continually tests every piece of machinery, blenders, and all secondary equipment around the clock to be absolutely finished goods are within your set specifications.

All of our materials are tested before use, to ensure the plastic used your blowmolded product is of the highest standard.

➤ ISO Compliant
➤ Product-Specific Quality Logs

➤ Ultrasonic Testing
➤ Color Spectrum Testing
➤ Raw Material Melt Indexing
➤ Accurate Material Blenders

PolyFlex Does it All

With over 100 years of blow molding experience, our design team at PolyFlex will take your idea from concept to reality. Working closely with our customers to identify all of their needs, we have created products with the superior strength and cost-effective results blow-molding offers since 1973.

Blow Molding Product Design


Blow Molding Product Design

Blow Mold

Blow Molding Product Design

Research and Development

Blow Molding Product Design


Blow Molding Product Design


Blow Molding Product Design

Point of Purchase Packaging & Pack Out

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